Slavery and 
Lincoln's War

Why Lincoln 
Chose War

African Slavery --
a different look
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For one hundred and forty-eight years American students have been fed a one-sided version of the history concerning “slavery and Lincoln’s war”. Not that what has been written is not necessarily untrue or inaccurate. It is quite simply, incomplete.

We are all “spoon fed” with the theory that millions of Southerners, white and black, were killed, maimed, starved and made homeless in order to “free the slaves”. Also, we are told that Lincoln’s War was unavoidable, because the South wanted a fight and started a fight. Really? Was there no other way to resolve the problems of the day? Did no one try? 

Was the South the only place in North America where slavery existed? Did the South import their slaves, or did someone else ship them through the “middle passage”? Were peace commissioners sent to Washington to sue for peace? Did the South “declare” war on the North, or just ask to “be let alone”? Was any effort made to acquire a “cease fire” during the four gory years of this most unnecessary war?

This book reveals many facts we have never been taught about these two subjects. The sources and facts quoted are referenced in a bibliography which relies mainly on Northern and Union records and books.

90% of US citizens were anti-war … why then a war instead of peace?

What does it take to be recognized as a historian? A PhD, of course, and a lifetime spent reading and researching through piles of boring books; then, publication of another boring book. And “we the people” are expected to take everything the historian writes and utters and accept it as the “gospel” without question. But, what about the facts which our historians ignore or those which don’t “fit” their theses?

Why Lincoln Chose War is not boring. And, it contains many, many facts which you were never taught in any government school. For instance, why did the perpetrators of American slavery, the New Englanders, become so vehemently opposed to the institution and foster a “hate campaign” against the entire South which continues to this day? Why was a new Constitution which legalized slavery and the slave trade ratified by eight “free states” which claimed to abhor the institution?

How did Major Anderson and his men receive food supplies at Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter? Why was their alleged “starvation” and lack of supplies not publicized until just four days before April 12, 1861? Why was a war fleet dispatched to Charleston to deliver “biscuit and pork” when an unarmed supply ship could have sufficed?

Read this book and learn what public schools never teach in history class. Determine for yourself “why Lincoln chose war.” And, it was a choice.

This title follows the Atlantic Slave Trade from the deep interior of the Dark Continent to the shores of the Caribbean Islands, South America and beyond. Departure and arrival points for 12,000,000 people captured, sold and transported are noted. The slave centers of Europe and New England are described along with the businessmen and ship captains responsible for the Middle Passage. The book presents many facts which are generally distorted or completely ignored by today's mainstream writers and media. Also noted are several books and film which provide surprising facts that are seldom addressed or noted in today's publications
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